What do I actually do in the classroom?

I provide a 90 minute or 150 minute  session with each transition year or other requested student class.

The session is interactive, experiential and the students are gently invited to use their voices and opinions if they feel comfortable.

Sitting and listening is welcomed too.

I will openly share with them some of my own life experience and journey from my teenage years to adulthood in the hope of inspiring some or many of them.

My own journey which includes exam stress, procrastination and low self-esteem.

I will hopefully encourage them by sharing how I have gradually moved from living with a sense of poor me and victim thinking to a sense of gratitude and abundance.

I will explain psychotherapy to them in a practical and concrete manner.

They will learn that we are all made up of 4 main parts:

The Physical Self

The Spiritual Self

The Intellectual Self

The  Emotional Self

In order to endeavour to live in balance it helps to be aware of these 4 parts.


I use a lot of storytelling/metaphors: my aim is to constantly educate them in a compassionate and non-judgemental manner.


The students will be invited to chat about how they are currently living their lives using the 9 boxes of life model.

I place particular emphasis on cyber bullying, social media addiction, inappropriate internet use.

I will guide them through a meditation and share with them some very user friendly apps that they can download onto their smartphones or tablets.


They will learn that mindfulness is not simply about meditating in India on a quiet mountain in an orange robe for 30 minutes daily.

I creatively explore ways in which they could bring Mindful Living into their teenage world.


The students will hopefully leave after their experience with me feeling more hopeful.

They will  gain lots of practical tools & ideas to support themselves to practice mindfulness in  their ownunique teenage way.