Mindful Parenting Programme

‘Thanks a million Harriet. Your contribution was brilliant and very helpful to the parents present. I love ‘how perfectly imperfect I am’ – That’s fantastic for parents to hear from a fellow parent.’ John Lonergan, Ex-Governnor MountJoy Prison


‘Yes! very easy to relate to. Good real life examples’ Melanie – Mum of 3

‘Harriet is an excellent speaker – refreshingly honest’ Shona – Mum of 2

‘Harriet is a breath of fresh air, she shared so much knowledge and expertise with us’ Angie  – Mum

‘Challenging yet gentle’ – Sean  Dad of 1

Mindfulness 8 Week Student University Programme

‘I really enjoyed this course, Harriet put us all at ease and was extremely helpful. Would absolutely love to participate in this course again’ – Alison Age 19

‘I found myself thinking during my week ‘what would Harriet say?’ in choices I was making, her passion for Meditation has woken up something deep inside me’

Mindful Teens Seminar

‘I found it really helpful because she really understood and knew what she was talking about. Listening to her story was very inspiring and an eye opener’ Robert Age 18

‘I felt I really connected with the talk. It gave me a boost of confidence because everyone experiences problems. It’s just how you can overcome these problems as best as you can, by also looking after your mental health as thinking positive’ Sean Age 19

‘I thought the talk was really good and helpful it made me feel that I am not alone, that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. The name callings will only stop when I feel the good wolf and to be happy in myself and who I am. The woman who spoke was amazing. I could talk to her about anything and she was so good. She made me feel that I can be good with myself, I can do stuff. I am happy I stayed and made time for the talk. I feel so happy and better in myself’ Julia Age: 16


Mindful Peeps Private Facebook Group

‘Harriet Mc Guigan thank you for your uplifting posts. I find myself screen shorting them just so I can show them to people after. Your mindfulness and positivity is empowering – from one hemisphere to another’  – Laura 30 something – Sydney, Australia

‘Thank you for all the wisdom you share’ – Natalie Mum of 3 boys

‘A million thank you’s from the bottom of my heart for all that you are’ – Muireann – Mum of 4


1.1 Therapy with Harriet

‘I felt that this woman had a bottomless capacity to hold compassion for me and my story’ –  Teenage female client

‘I felt so seen by Harriet and I shared with her a part of my story that I had never told a living soul’  – 30 something female client

‘She never gave up on me even when I felt like I had given up on myself’ –  Male 20 something client

Mindful Peeps