Mindful Teens

Info for teachers

Would you like if your classroom students learned/became inspired to have more

  • inner self-support
  • self confidence
  • self- acceptance
  • more tolerance of peers and staff
  • more conscious of their behaviour?

It tends to be really hard as their teacher looking on if some of them are struggling.

  • what do you do?
  • how do you fix it?
  • where do you even start?
  • are their challenges effecting their concentration and learning?
  • are they sometimes being disrespectful to you or each other in class?

Teaching teens is both rewarding and extremely challenging.

The teenage brain is in process of developing –

Experts now say that the human brain

doesn’t fully develop

until we are 25/26 years old!

So during a time of huge change our teenagers can end up feeling very vulnerable.

  • to peer pressure
  • substance misuse
  • hormonal changes
  • identity
  • cyber bullying
  • low self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • family challenges
  • exam stress
  • distorted body image
  • promiscuity
  • suicide ideation

After the Mindful Teens Programme your students will leave with many practical supports in how they can choose to support themselves.

They will become aware of the importance of:

  • gratitude
  • study skills
  • school/life balance
  • guided meditations
  • grounding exercises
  • psychotherapy
  • self- compassion
  • teenage appropriate mindfulness

They will  be provided with resources and apps on how to incorporate practical living skills into their lives.

You may find after the Mindful Teens Programme that the students start to allow some more quiet time into their day like:

  • occasionally turn off their smart phone
  • become more conscious of their behaviour to peers and staff
  • exhibit more positivity in their lives

Also in 5th and 6th year these students may have more tools to cope with study and exam stress.

I have worked as a psychotherapist with adolescents since 2011 with

– Counselling Department of the University of Limerick

– Pieta House (Centre for Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention)

– MyMind.org

– and private practice in Limerick City and Co. Kerry

I  ran the Mindful Teens Programme in The University of Limerick and several secondary schools.

I strongly recommend you choose the Mindful Teens Programme to support your students in learning  ways to build their inner resilience to life’s challenges.

 One by we will consciously change our world

Yours in mindfulness,

Harriet Mc Guigan





Info for teens

Your teenage years can be so good and happy at times hanging out with friends, going to see your favourite band, having a part time job – so you can treat yourself to that really cool new jersey or makeup you have wanted for ages. Possibly some fun things in your life could also be playing your favourite sport, being a member of a drama club or playing your musical instrument.

How about girly days with mum or father/son days with dad? They can be so much fun it can be so nice to sip hot chocolates together. Of course you need lots and lots and lots of marshmallows!

So teenager

  • Do you feel like you belong?
  • Can you feel how loved you are?
  • Do you experience times of liking the skin that you are in?
  • Have you ever even thought about any of this?
  • ‘Cos sometimes in your life you can feel absolutely swamped!

Believe me this happens to the best of us.

  • Maybe you feel that you have to smoke so that you feel accepted by the ‘cool’ gang. And maybe you don’t even like the taste of  ‘smokes’.
  • Maybe you feel a little ‘awkward’ at times after reading Facebook or Snapchat comments. You may feel sad and empty when you only have 101 ‘likes’ on your selfie profile pic and not 204 like your friend’s pic.
  • It can be so much fun being on Snapchat -don’t you just love all the funny faces you can create –they are hilarious! Haven’t you always wanted to see what a cute puppy you would be! However it’s not so fun when people say mean things to you.
  • Your phone keeps beeping way into the hours of the night and you are sometimes left feeling lonely, unlovable and sad. But you could also be too scared to turn it off. So you just cry into your pillow. It can even be hard to get to sleep.
  • Maybe you feel a little ‘yucky’ at times if  mum and dad are fighting too much over stuff like money or someone’s drinking. How do you manage what’s going on at home. Sometimes to cope you might skin pick, bite your nails or even cut yourself to get some relief. Are you ever snappy with your teachers or friends?
  • Do you sometimes limit your food intake or other times eat so much junk you feel sick deep down in your tummy? Maybe it helps to drink lots of ‘Fat Frogs’ or do Jager Bombs so you can feel ‘buzzing’ again. Sometimes you might even take a pill out dancing.
  • What if you have feelings for someone of the same sex as you? Do you feel comfortable talking about this? Do you trust anyone to listen? What might people think? Will they still love and accept you?

You are a very normal teenager managing your life.

Would you like to learn about other ways that could give you some peace and quiet deep inside?

 You will sit with me, ask questions, do a guided meditation, explore, and kindly allow me to teach you about feelings and practical ways that you could help you to start being pretty ‘cool’ to yourself. I have heaps of really interesting ideas and ways to help you  use your mind and breath to feel calmer in yourself, whatever is going on in your life.

I looking forward to meeting you on the  Mindful Teens Programme,

With much kindness,

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