Mindful Living and Self Care

I run workshops and seminars on Mindful Living and Self Care to encourage Resilience in teachers and employees of profit and not- for profit organisations.

There is a huge amount of evidence  to support the benefits of your staff being educated & reminded about  work /life balance.

Possible benefits of a Mindful Living and Self Care Seminar for Staff

Less Absenteeism

More peaceful  work environment for all

Increased  Productivity

Happier Customers/Clients/Kids!!

Leading to more interest in your service and products

What will your staff hopefully get out of the Seminar/Workshop?

Learn about Meditation

Experience what it is like to Meditate.

Become curious about their hobbies/interests outside of work

Learn about ways of supporting themselves in work re: communication and responding instead of reacting to co -workers.

Leave with lots of practical tools to carry on incorporating a Mindfulness Practice into their lives both in and out of work.

Where have I previously ran seminars and workshops?

On behalf of MyMind.org and through harrietmcguigan.com I have spoken to the


University of Limerick Campus Staff,



Limerick City Enterprise Board (w/Karl Henry from Operation Transformation),

Limerick Sports Partnership,

North West Clare Family Resource Centre,

Limerick International Women’s Organisation

CBS, Sexton Street, Limerick

and St. Ita’s & St. Joseph’s School in Tralee.


It will be a pleasure to support you and your staff,

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours in Mindfulness,

Harriet Mc Guigan